Application of the hottest conductive adhesive

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Application of conductive adhesives

conductive adhesives are widely used - conductive adhesives, namely conductive adhesives, can not only effectively bond various materials, but also have conductive properties. Conductive adhesives include isotropic homogeneous conductive adhesives (ICA) and anisotropic conductive adhesives (ACA). I even have to pay for repair. CA refers to the adhesive that conducts electricity in all directions; ACA is different. For example, z-axis ACA refers to the adhesive that conducts electricity in the Z direction, while it does not conduct electricity in the X and Y directions

conductive adhesives are usually used in microelectronic assembly, including thin wire and printed circuit, electroplated bottom plate, metal layer of ceramic adhesive, metal chassis connection, bonding wire and tube base, bonding components and plane holes passing through printed circuit, bonding waveguide tuning and hole repair

conductive adhesives can also be used to replace spot welding where the welding temperature exceeds the resistance to the formation of oxide film due to welding. As a substitute of tin lead solder, the surface of conductive adhesive frequently contacts with water. Its main applications include: and mobile communication systems; Radio, television, computer and other industries; Automobile industry and medical equipment; Solve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and other aspects

Another application of

conductive adhesive is the bonding between electrode sheet and magnet crystal in ferroelectric devices. The conductive adhesive can replace the welding in which the flux and crystal tend to deposit due to the welding temperature. It is another use of conductive adhesive when the welding temperature is unfavorable

source: fine chemical industry

moreover, the conductive adhesive can form a joint with sufficient strength, so it can be used as a structural adhesive

with the rapid development of electronic assembly industry, the research on conductive adhesive, which KPL mainly produces APET, PP and hips, will enter a higher level, that is, to develop in the direction of high conductivity, low thermal resistance and more reliable

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