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Application of Delcam software in mold design and manufacturing

mechanical manufacturing is a basic industry. For a long time, machines can reduce the number of parts used in the integration process. Mechanical processing is time-consuming, laborious, high cost, poor precision and low efficiency in the service process within the range of elastic deformation. With the migration of the world manufacturing center to China, the demand for the quantity and quality of machining is greatly increased. Using 3D software to design workpieces is relatively intuitive and simple, and 3D software in design is developing rapidly at present

delcam is the world's leading professional cad/cam integrated system developer. Its software products are applicable to the design and manufacture of products, parts and molds with complex shapes, and are widely used in aerospace, automobile, marine, internal combustion engine, household appliances, light industrial products and other industries. Delcam is the only cad/cam software company in the world with a large NC machining workshop. All software products have been strictly tested in the actual production environment, which enables Delcam to understand users' problems and needs, provide a full set of products from design, manufacturing, testing to management, and provide customers with practical integrated solutions

Figure 1 typical example of user coordinate system

powershape's application in mechanical design

the freely transformed user coordinate system enables modeling features to better capture location points and modeling directions. As shown in Figure 1, the features are at four different levels and have relative included angles with each other. It is easy to use the method of establishing multiple user coordinate systems. In different layers, click the user coordinate and input the values of X, y and Z at the cursor in the lower right corner. At this time, the new user coordinate system is established and activated. At this time, the entered coordinate values are relative to the new user coordinate system. It is very simple and convenient to establish multiple user coordinate systems, rotate the coordinate system arbitrarily, and randomly activate and transform the user coordinate system

with the powerful solid and surface blending modeling function provided by powershape (as shown in Figure 2), users can operate more simply and conveniently to generate automatic surfaces through existing curves. The methods include driving curve, passing through separation, filling, double track curve, and best fitting plane. For the generated automatic surface, you can generate a solid from the selected surface through the solid command. With entities, you can generate entities with different thicknesses through the generate thickened entities command. In the feature command, you can perform operations such as intersection, union, subtraction, division, thickening, shell pulling and simulation deformation of the solid to complete different operations in the fixture design according to different experimental methods

Figure 2 surface Sharf processing strategy

new moldmaker interface operation and new mold design process

moldmaker and powershape are fully integrated to automatically design mold base system and core pulling mechanism for complex injection mold. It changes the previous the first mock examination with multiple cavities. The insert must be made into a the first mock examination with multiple cavities. Instead, it is directly selected through commands in the process of automatic mold base wizard. It is very intuitive in the whole mold base system, and can automatically convert the mold features to PowerMILL for processing

mold base transfer: for the designed product, start the cavity/core wizard, run the automatic mold insert wizard, and gradually select the design parameters. During this process, it should be noted that the advanced parting surface is to view the demoulding direction and correct it one by one through the advanced parting surface option command. Through the core/cavity separation dialog box, separate the defined inserts, view the inserts, check and select the mold base correctly, and then select multiple inlay labels. At this time, it is convenient to apply the matrix option in the command, select several cavities in one the first mock examination, and view the dimensional relationship between the inserts and the mold base. During the process of importing the mold base, the support plate, cushion block, movable mold base plate, guide column, guide sleeve, reset rod and other parts can be automatically generated according to the products and mold base. You can view the mold opening and closing conditions through the mold opening/closing simulation command

automatically generate 2D engineering drawings of all relevant parts in the mold base through the 3D model, select the component drawing under the tool menu in drawing, select the check box required by the user, and press the accept button to generate cushion blocks, inserts, moving templates, fixed templates, and even fixed screws in all mold bases. Moldmaker standard mold base library can easily add new content to the part library and customize the non-standard part library for the convenience of users

powermill has a number of new and efficient machining strategies

powermill is a professional NC machining programming software. It is the world's leading independently running cam system. It is the core multi axis machining product of Delcam. It can receive data from any CAD system through IGES, VDA, STL and a variety of special direct excuses, without overcut and collision in the whole process

multiple initial machining strategies in PowerMILL make full use of the latest tool design technology to realize side edge cutting or deep cutting. As the tool path cuts away from the main body, the initial machining tool path will become more and more smooth, which can avoid the sudden turning of the tool path, reduce the machine load, reduce tool wear, and realize high-speed cutting. The details are as follows:

(1) set the blank and check the blank and workpiece to make them meet the machining allowance and clamping: in the tool path strategy, select 3D area clearing, and there are four kinds of initial machining options. Cycloid machining and automatic cycloid machining are very useful in the initial machining strategy. This machining method moves along the specified path in a circular motion, which can ensure the safe tool width cutting of the tool, Thus, the high cutting load that may occur in the traditional offset initial machining strategy can be avoided

select the offset area to clear the model, select the tool and check the tool safety distance, set the parameters to generate the tool path and simulate machining. (Figure 3)

Figure 3 initial machining strategy and initial machining simulation

(2) high speed finish machining: PowerMILL provides more than 20 high-speed finish machining strategies. 3D offset, equal high precision machining, optimal equal high precision machining and spiral high precision machining strategies can ensure smooth and stable cutting process, ensure rapid removal of materials on the workpiece, and obtain high-precision and smooth cutting surface. PowerMILL allows the generation of continuous 5-axis tool paths on complex surfaces, solids and triangular models. The performance does not meet the requirements. The 5-axis tool path is generated by defining the rake angle and caster angle of the tool

(3) reference line processing and boundary processing in PowerMILL can set the processing path to the minimum, and local processing is particularly important; Such as drawing lines, lettering, etc

generation of reference line: right click the browser in PowerMILL, click reference line, and select generate reference line in the pop-up menu. At this time, an empty reference line object will be generated. Right click an empty reference line, and select Insert in the pop-up menu to pop up a submenu, where you can select options such as boundary, file, model and sketch to insert it into the empty reference line object. Boundary is to insert the defined boundary into the currently selected reference line, which is organically combined with the definition method of the reference line. Select the boundary in the process of generating the reference line, so that the boundary can be inserted to generate the reference line

delcam has persistently maintained CAM software development and research for many years, and is committed to the processing, manufacturing and process research of complex products. The company also has CopyCAD, a professional reverse system, which can be used to scan the CAD model of point cloud. (end)

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