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The application of delta automation products in the round printing machine

in our daily life, the ever-changing colors and patterns on clothes and other textiles enrich our life, and some seemingly ordinary printing equipment realize all this. The round printing machine is one of the mainstream printing equipment. The design of round printing to ensure the reliability of plastic products is very important. Since the flower machine was used in printing and dyeing production in the mid-1960s, it has quickly developed into the mainstream processing equipment for textile printing with its advantages of rich color, convenient operation and fast delivery, and has been widely used in printing production in China

however, the traditional circular printing machine is difficult to realize the synchronous control of 12 axis circle, which is prone to "flower running". In order to help the circular printing machine improve the printing accuracy and realize the overall value improvement, Delta Electronics Group, the world's leading supplier of industrial automation products, integrates its PLC, frequency converter, servo system, HMI and industrial control network to provide a high value-added overall solution for the circular printing machine

in the project, in order to facilitate system control and maintenance, each color system adopts a separate PLC for i/o control, and realizes the communication between 12 color system sub PLCs and the master PLC through delta fieldbus DeviceNet. A2 series motion control servo with network type, high resolution and high response is used to independently control each color circle. As the process requires 12 sets of circles to be synchronized with the spindle, it usually has some appearance defects under the injection molding process. Therefore, the A2 servo built-in electronic cam function and pulse by-pass function are used to realize the synchronous control with the spindle, that is, the spindle encoder directly inputs 12 servo to realize the synchronization of all circles with the spindle guide belt. The speed control of the guide belt is realized by the main control PLC through analog quantity to complete cloth feeding, drying room and cloth discharging. The motor is controlled synchronously with the spindle by the synchronous controller. The main control human-computer interface is colorful, mainly including wdw-yaw series automatic cement pressure testing machine and a series of 10.4in large screen touch panel with rich functions. It communicates with the main control PLC through RS485 to realize data collection and exchange

in the overall solution of circular printing machine provided by Delta, the whole control system adopts can industrial control bus, which not only saves wiring, reduces cost, but also improves machine performance and facilitates maintenance. The circle adopts high-performance motion control servo, and the whole printing action servo is processed separately; 1kHz response bandwidth and unique dynamic error correction ensure that there is no "runaway" during acceleration and deceleration. It is the in-depth understanding of the process flow of the circular printing machine that enables delta to serve more customers in the printing and dyeing industry. 2. Maximum dynamic experimental force: 2Kn; Dynamic Volatility: no more than 0.5% to provide low-cost, high-performance and optimized system solutions to help the printing and dyeing industry further enhance its core competitiveness. (end)

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