Application of the hottest constant pressure water

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Application of constant pressure water supply series frequency converter

constant pressure water supply series frequency converter is a special frequency converter specially developed for the flow and pressure control characteristics of fans, pumps, air compressors, etc. This model has the basic function of general frequency converter. It has high rigidity and high strength

the design of this product mainly considers the requirements of energy saving and automation. It has built-in functions such as automatic energy saving, PID, simple PLC and RS485 communication interface, which can facilitate communication with PLC, computer or bus, convenient for customer operation and monitoring. At the same time, the company has also specially developed a control board specially dealing with constant pressure water supply, which can be conveniently connected with remote pressure gauge

I. characteristics of variable frequency constant pressure water supply

1. Variable frequency constant pressure water supply can automatically maintain constant pressure for 24 hours, and automatically start the standby pump according to the pressure signal to adjust the pressure steplessly. The water supply quality is good. Compared with traditional water supply, it will not cause pipe rupture and faucet resonance

2. Start smoothly, reduce the impact of motor and water pump, prolong the service life of motor and water pump, and avoid the water hammer phenomenon in traditional water supply. 8. Inspection of accessories

3. Variable frequency constant pressure water supply is adopted with complete protection functions, reliable operation, and protection functions such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating

7. The experiment report, data query and summary can be printed according to the specified format. 5. Various additional functions can be selected according to the user's needs, such as motor regular rotation, sleep and other functions

II. System control diagram (taking one frequency converter controlling one motor as an example)

multi pump constant pressure water supply, please contact the manufacturer

III. scope of application

1. Domestic water for hotels, office buildings, high-rise buildings, residential quarters, enterprises and institutions. Jinan experimental machine practice we have seen in the world should be called material experimental machine

2, industrial water for various types of factories and mines

3, various types of waterworks, water supply stations, sewage treatment plants

4, industrial boiler water supply system, hot water supply system

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