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Creator large-scale mixed splicing matrix is applied to the command center of a Public Security Bureau in Xinjiang. Background:

the public security bureau is the organizational form of the public security organ and the government department in charge of public security work. It plays an extremely important role in preventing, stopping and investigating illegal and criminal activities, preventing and combating terrorist activities, and maintaining social order. (4) regularly checking the screws at the jaw

application requirements:

after detailed communication with the customer, we learned that the project mainly has two applications, which require the suture strength of handbags and recreational articles. On the one hand, the system needs to meet the transmission, switching and display of audio and video signals in all functional areas of the command center, build the interconnection of signals, and create a highly centralized information command center. On the other hand, the system should have good compatibility. It can not only combine the original audio and video system of the command center to meet the daily meeting function, but also open remote video conference with Tacheng Public Security Bureau and Xinjiang public security department

project scheme:

creator fast graphic and image intelligent digital integrated management platform is a set of integrated audio and video system solutions tailored for various command centers. Its audio and video fast processing ability, ultra-high stability and unified and collaborative management can save a lot of human and material resources for users and improve work efficiency

the construction of the multi-functional hall of the command center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau is equipped with a 288 channel input-output Pro Series Hybrid splicing matrix to achieve comprehensive management of all audio and video signals of the command center. Collect and display the information of road traffic, fire fighting and other places on DLP large screen, computer, monitor and other display devices, so as to facilitate the division of work and cooperation of staff and centralized monitoring and management. At the same time, it is equipped with optical fiber transmission card, IP transmission card and other multi-functional boards, which greatly improves the transmission speed of remote video conference and camera monitoring picture. It is helpful for leaders to quickly hold case analysis meetings and implement command and dispatching work

scheme features:

I. mixed access of multi format signals

field signal sources include cameras, computers, remote conference terminals, etc. the system meets the mixed access of VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI and other different signal types, is compatible with common resolutions, and can also customize the resolution display when output

II. 4K ultra high definition display

support 4K single screen output and splicing output display to meet users' needs for ultra high definition video signals. For the access of HD and SD signals, frequency doubling/line doubling processing can be carried out to improve the clarity of images and provide better visual experience

III. cross regional long-distance transmission

optical fiber signal transmission is adopted to provide single-core single-mode transmission of 300m and single-core multi-mode transmission of 2km, which can be widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, hot water, machinery, medical appliances, food processing machinery and so on. Achieve long-distance transmission across floors and regions

IV. seamless real-time signal switching

the internal hardware design of the equipment adopts high-definition signal processing mechanism to solve the problem of black field interval when switching single or multiple signals, and realize no flicker, black screen, jitter and crack in the switching process, meeting the user's requirements for real-time signal monitoring

v. large screen splicing processing

large screen splicing processing can achieve the effects of image splicing, window roaming, superposition, arbitrary scaling or stretching of window size, and can achieve the purpose of overall monitoring and local key monitoring

VI. scalability, reliability and stability

on may9,2019, Pro Series matrix adopts modular structure design, supports hot plug and has scalability; At the same time, it is designed with redundant power supply, which has strong fault tolerance and good recovery ability; The main equipment adopts dual computer or image backup mode to ensure the stable operation of the system

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