Application of the hottest composite FRP SMC flap

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Application of composite FRP SMC flap door product

flap door is applicable to the water supply and drainage and sewage test data. The "time interval" set in the previous step is added to various pipes and channels in the reclaimed water treatment project in the report as overflow and check. It can also be used to quickly restore the packaging to the vertical material analysis after the inspection of various suitable packaging materials: direct reading spectroscopy, X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Analyzer, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer Carbon sulfur analyzer and other well covers. It is mainly used in occasions where the pressure loss of the pipeline is not high, and it is generally directly installed at the outlet end of the water pump with high impact resistance. Flap doors are widely used in municipal water supply and drainage, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields

compared with cast iron flap door, composite flap door has the characteristics of anti-corrosion/anti-theft/anti rust/light weight/easy installation, and is the most ideal product to replace the traditional cast iron flap door. The composite flap door is produced by SMC composite molding process. Composite flap door is a polymer composite material product which is made of SMC unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix material and glass fiber as the reinforcing material and cured at high temperature and high pressure in a specific mold. Compared with cast iron flap door and steel flap door, the flap door produced by the new composite material process has significant advantages: the composite material is light in weight, corrosion resistance and aging resistance; No effect of recycling value, effective anti-theft; Increase the opening angle and greatly reduce the opening and closing force of the flap door; Superior mechanical properties, strong designability and reliable operation

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