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Many consumers are not very familiar with and understand the specific terms of the contract text. In actual use, due to the omission of some terms, it will also cause disputes with decoration companies

disputes about home decoration are increasing rapidly, and many of these disputes are caused by the lax signing of contracts. Many consumers are not very familiar with and understand the specific terms of the contract text. In actual use, due to the omission of some terms, it will also cause disputes with decoration companies. You should pay special attention to the following ten aspects, which are prone to disputes:

the subject of the contract is not clear

the names and contact methods of Party A and Party B should be filled in the contract first. Attention should be paid to one detail here. Many companies only affix a seal with the company name. You must ask the decoration company to fill in the content and check it. You should also pay attention to whether the name of the decoration company signing the contract is consistent with the company name stamped at the end of the contract. If there is a discrepancy, the relationship between the two must be clarified and noted in the contract. The reason for doing so is that once a dispute occurs, there must be a relatively complete legal person registration of the decoration company in case of future complaints or lawsuits, which saves the trouble of inquiry, and can find the exact responsible person

the concept of supervision is vague

the contract stipulates that engineering supervision can be implemented. "Engineering supervision" refers to the activities of the supervisor to supervise and manage the engineering construction project entrusted by the consumer, that is, Party A. "Supervisor" refers to the company, supervision firm or unit that has obtained the supervision qualification certificate and has the legal personality. It can be seen that as a project supervisor, his identity is independent of the decoration company. Some home decoration markets promise to provide free supervision for consumers, and its effectiveness and role in supervising the quality of decoration projects remain to be discussed

incomplete written documents

the project budget and a full set of design and construction drawings approved by both parties are the effective constituent elements of the contract. When some decoration companies sign decoration contracts with consumers, these written documents are incomplete, which brings hidden dangers to the future home decoration projects. Consumers should properly keep the above three documents and the bills of payment

unclear rights and obligations

the contract stipulates the work that Party A and Party B should do to ensure the smooth progress of the project. For consumers, particular attention should be paid to the following items specified in the contract: in order to ensure the safety of the building, indoor load-bearing structures cannot be dismantled. If the non bearing structure or equipment pipeline of the original building is demolished or modified, it shall be responsible for going through the corresponding approval procedures with the housing management department. If the room is still partially used by consumers during the construction period, consumers should be responsible for the security and fire protection of the construction site. Without hindering the normal operation of the construction team, consumers can check the progress and quality of the project at any time

additions and deletions are not included in the contract

at present, there are many phenomena of adding construction projects in the actual performance of decoration projects. Some decoration companies began to deliberately make the quotation very low, and then gradually increased after the commencement, so that consumers could not find another decoration company, so they had to agree to their requirements, so that the final total decoration price far exceeded the initial quotation. Therefore, when consumers signed the contract, if it is reasonable for them to combine the expenses with the living room area and the construction project after knowing from all parties, We should be cautious about engineering project changes. If the original contract needs to be changed due to the increase or decrease of construction projects or other factors during the construction process, the consumer and the decoration company must reach an agreement through consultation and sign a written change agreement. The relevant construction period, project budget and drawings must be changed and signed by both parties for confirmation

material supply is not confirmed

in view of factors such as the brand and price of decoration materials, most decoration companies currently recommend that consumers choose "Party B contracts labor, some materials, and Party A provides some materials", that is, the second method specified in the contract for construction. Both parties should be responsible for the supply of materials. Consumers are obliged to provide materials as agreed, and ask the decoration company to provide them





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