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At that time, in the door and window profession, the innovation of goods was insufficient, and the high homogeneity of basic goods became a "disease" that hindered the further development of the profession. The maturity of door and window production skills not only did not form a useful skill barrier, but also further lowered the entry threshold of the profession

many new products developed by major brands will show similar products immediately after listing. Many fake goods can avoid intellectual property questions with only a small change. The patent standards under the current regulations are difficult to play a role in the door and window industry. New products developed by big brands have always been imitated and copied, largely because of poor skill bonuses. Of course, this picture is due to the lack of domestic norms on patent maintenance, on the other hand, the constraints of door and window commodities themselves are also very questionable

now, doors and windows have become necessary materials for home decoration. In addition to their own application value, skills and skills have also begun to be valued by consumers. However, simple skill promotion and skill characteristics cannot improve the relatively difficult situation of many manufacturers. In the communication profession, the reason why iPhone can always firmly suppress Android is not just the preemption of skills. From the shopping survey, we found that most consumers choose apple because they have better experience in using IOS system. The late Apple boss jobs once said that apple produces not only mobile phones, but also something that makes all consumers feel very handsome. All the needs of consumers will become the direction of Apple's product development, even some ideas that sound unprofessional or even ridiculous

only by thoroughly respecting the needs of consumers can consumers be willing to purchase and even pursue your products.

among domestic door and window manufacturers, commodity development is always entangled in the commodity itself, always trying to break in skills or skills, always thinking about upgrading in similar commodities, and often neglecting consumers' demands for commodities. We often say that the current door and window shopping mall is a buyer's shopping mall, but the actual situation is that consumers can only compare among similar goods. The selection factor is mostly "cheaper than others" or "sounds better than others", rather than "this TMD is the door and window I want"

therefore, if manufacturers want to create truly differentiated goods, they can lower their identity, communicate more with consumers, and know more about the needs of consumers. If the doors and windows produced can bring consumers the feeling of dream come true, it must be a great thing




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