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Bathroom decoration bid farewell to the "ceramic tile era" full analysis of alternative products

>& gt;& gt; Pay attention to details in the decoration of bathroom

when decorating bathroom, people first think of using ceramic tiles for decoration. More and more decoration households begin to pay attention to personality and want to make the bathroom wall decoration different and brilliant. Then, after bidding farewell to the era of ceramic tiles, what materials will be used to replace the bathroom wall? Unique bathroom decoration

decorative materials 1: the all-round thin plate will be

"nature" is an important theme of bathroom design. At present, the most advanced all-round thin plate in the world is called "anti Beite". When this strange material is used to decorate the bathroom wall and bathroom cabinet table in a large area, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false real wood effects created

decorative material 2: "West German stone"

the "West German stone" in the artificial stone can be cut into different shapes and sizes at will, which can not only paste small pieces of artificial stone like ceramic tiles, but also carry out large-area seamless splicing for the wall. A large proportion of flowers and line patterns are carved on the long "West German stone", which can bring a unique decorative effect

decorative materials 3: coated mirrors

at present, coated mirrors, which are mostly used in high-tech optical and electronic fields, have also become decorative materials

its unique coated mirror has a light absorption rate of 50%, no reflection, good visual effect and strong decoration. When used in the bathroom, even the spotlight will become unobtrusive after being reflected by the coated mirror

decorative material 4: resin glass

resin glass, which is light in texture, not easy to break, and transparent as crystal, is the most fashionable material for making partitions and sliding doors. The dry and wet areas are flexibly separated in the bathroom with resin glass, which is light and beautiful, and can also maximize the use of space

decorative material 5: stainless steel

the alternative mosaic made of stainless steel creates a cold and avant-garde space effect in the bathroom, which gives people an impact visually and gives the space a new three-dimensional sense. The surface effect of stainless steel can be divided into two types: bright stainless steel and wire drawing. Bright stainless steel appears to be bold and cold, and the effect of wire drawing stainless steel should be softer

decorative material 6: natural solid wood

it seems impractical to place solid wood walls in the bathroom. In fact, as long as it is handled properly, it is not an effective way to break the normal. Products produced by professional manufacturers should be selected to resist the invasion of temperature and humidity with exquisite surface treatment technology, so as to ensure that the substrate will not crack and deform after long-term use in the bathroom. The designer suggested that high-quality wood such as cedar, Chinese toon and Chinese fir should be selected

decorative materials 7: mosaic

mosaic has rich colors, good water resistance, and various combinations, which can bring different distinctive styles to the bathroom, so it is favored by many decorators

mosaics in the building materials market mainly include stone mosaics, ceramic mosaics, metal mosaics and glass mosaics. Consumers can apply them in different styles of toilets according to their different characteristics

decorative materials 8: Waterproof wallpaper

for rooms decorated in European style, waterproof wallpaper is usually paved in the bathroom. Waterproof wallpaper is very suitable for toilets with a larger area. Waterproof wallpaper has special waterproof and moisture-proof properties. It will not absorb water when encountering water, but will show a cool picture of transparent water droplets on the wall, which is full of interest. It's also very easy to clean, and you can wipe it with a soft dry cloth




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