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The main reason is that the gap between the central shaft and the door leaf is too small. Remove the central shaft and check whether the edge of the card slot of the door leaf is straight. If it is not straight, gently press the part that is not straight,

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ask: how to solve the problem that the door leaf can't be fully opened or the door closes laboriously and the middle axle makes too much noise

answer: the main reason is that the gap between the central shaft and the door leaf is too small. Remove the central shaft and check whether the edge of the clamping groove of the door leaf is straight. If not, gently press the uneven place until it is straight, and then carefully scrape the left and right grooves of the central shaft with a scraper (note that the left and right grooves refer to the part completely covered by the door leaf) until it can be opened smoothly without sound; Then, spray some wax or butter into the gap of the central shaft. After the above treatment, the problem should be solved

ask: how to deal with the problem that the door is not smooth and the resistance of the slide is too large

answer: clean up the dirt on the slide and spray some wax. Replace the lower pulley if necessary

ask: when opening and closing the door, you need to use a lot of force and click loudly. What should you do

answer: adjust the position of the upper and lower positioning buttons of the door leaf to make it in a moderate position with a low sound; Adjust the expansion screws of the door frame so that the inner frame is parallel to the door leaf column, and it will be easier to open and close the door

ask: what if the pulley of the door leaf is worn and cannot be used normally

answer: generally, our company provides spare parts free of charge for replacing new spring pulleys

ask: what if the folding door pulls out and cannot be pushed in

answer: first lift the handle up with your hand, then push it inward with force, open the door, and then put something under the track

ask: if it is inconvenient to open the three fold left continuous drive, can you adjust the three fold right continuous drive

answer: open the connecting buckle, remove the 19 # material with cover edge, and change the position with the 7 # material in the same direction as the single door

ask: what if the customer asks to lock the door outside when the goods arrive

answer: just change the lock position. That is, pry off the accessories with the words "push" on the front of the lock with a art knife, loosen the screws below, carefully change the positions of the internal and external accessories, then install the screws and add the cover

Q: under normal circumstances, how long is the supply cycle of "Yidun" series products


folding door: generally, ordinary glass, five days delivery. Tempered glass, seven days delivery

swing door: under normal circumstances, A-type door, seven days delivery, tempered process glass, ten days delivery

rotary clothes hanger: under normal circumstances, standard specifications, delivery within three days, non-standard specifications, delivery within five days

wall cabinet door, partition door accessories: under normal circumstances, delivery within three days

Q: how to distribute "Yidun" series products

answer: the distribution of "Yidun" series products adopts less than carload distribution. The company is responsible for sending the goods to the goods station (Guangzhou or Foshan) designated by the dealer in time, or helping the dealer choose the goods station (the dealer had better designate the goods station), and the road freight is borne by the dealer

Q: how about the sales of "Yidun" series products in other cities

A: "Yidun" series products have won a number of national patents and are exported to Southeast Asia. They sell well in Hong Kong and all provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions across the country (except Tibet), and are highly praised by consumers. They have been awarded the title of "quality trustworthy products" by China Light Products Quality Assurance Center. They are the preferred products for modern home decoration and decoration




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