Avoid 12 decoration traps causing big mistakes

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It's really expensive to change flowers every day, but sometimes you can replace them with something else. You can put some lemons and fruits in a bowl to create a visual impact. Or use some dry natural materials, such as bent wickers or bamboo stalks

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1 Fake flowers

are controversial, but using fake flowers is really a mistake. They can't bring vitality to the room like beautiful and fragrant flowers. All they bring is dust

it's really expensive to change flowers every day, but sometimes you can replace them with something else. You can put some lemons and fruits in a bowl to create a visual impact. Or use some dry natural materials, such as bent wickers or bamboo stalks

2. Use too many pillows

if the pillow prevents you from sitting comfortably on the sofa or lying in bed, it appears too much. Putting too many pillows on the bed will make you spend a lot of time removing them before going to bed, and spend the same time putting them back in bed after getting up early. Instead of buying a lot of pillows, put your time, energy and financial resources in the inked area of the room. A few pillows can perform well

3. Too many trinkets

trinkets, decorations, accessories, etc., whatever you want to call them, each of us will have a lot of such things. Show your babies in turn. If you really like something, but it has been outside for a long time, you'd better put it away for a while. Edit and combine your collection, so that your baby can be highlighted in different combinations of decorations

4. Afraid to use colors

many people like colors but are afraid to use them. They are afraid of using color on the wall because they are afraid of being too bold, of the dislocation of results and choices, and of mismatching with furniture

you should try to use color on the wall and learn to love it. Get along with it at different times of the day and find the differences it shows in the morning, afternoon and night. If you don't like it, cover it with other colors

5. Ignore windows

sheets and blankets are for beds, not windows. Window decorations not only represent the end of a room decoration, they are as important to a room as jewelry is to a woman. Besides painting, window decoration is the easiest and cheapest way to change the look and feel of the whole room

there is a good rule to remember: hang the curtain 5 cm above the window frame. If your ceiling is high, hang the curtain from the top to the ground to make the space appear larger. Of course, you can also simply hang a small linen Roman curtain to block the light

6. Put beautiful furniture against the wall

move the beautiful furniture against the wall to the center of the room. Make it exposed to the line of sight and become a great visual focus, playing an effect of enlarging the space

7. Vulgar sofa shawl

replace the shawl that covers the sofa as a whole with a beautiful blanket. Keep the sofa simple and clean. Don't pile a lot of fabric on the sofa

8. The picture frame is hung too high

if you want to look up and enjoy your art, it means it is hung too high. No matter sitting or standing, you usually don't want to look up to appreciate your art. The best height is the height of your eyes. Look at the top edge of your door frame. If your art is too large, hang the picture based on the top edge of the door frame, and don't exceed it

in this way, it will be very comfortable from any sitting or standing angle in the room

there is a good rule to remember: if you hang a picture behind the sofa, keep the bottom of the picture frame 15 cm away from the upper edge of the sofa back

9. Inappropriate lighting

usually people think that the bulb is the bulb, the lampshade is the lampshade, and the lamp is the lamp. They do not clearly recognize the impact of lamps on people. You hope to bring different moods with different lamps at different times of the day

dimmer switch is a very good secret weapon -- cheap, easy to install, and can create all the necessary space atmosphere and feeling

when deciding on lamps, it is necessary to understand the function of each space, and then select the appropriate type. In the kitchen, you need to configure working lamps in the operation area while floodlighting. In the home office, you need a desk lamp to illuminate your working face. Don't just rely on a ceiling lamp to illuminate the whole room, which will make the room flat

10. Unfixed block blanket

block blanket in unfixed area is a big mistake made by people. Because they divert the line of sight, thus splitting the sense of spatial unity, and people walking on it are easy to fall

before buying a blanket, use a ruler to set out the position of the blanket on the floor. The blanket should be attached to the sofa set. Put the front feet of all seats on a blanket

11. Too many colors and patterns

if there are too many colors and patterns in your room, it will appear busy, congested and your eyes don't know where to put

12. Furniture out of proportion to the room

the exhibition hall of the furniture store is very large, causing you an illusion of proportion. If you take home the furniture you like there, you may find that you have made a big mistake in proportion. Avoid buying furniture that is out of proportion with the actual room. Buy furniture according to the scale of the plan or measure the area of the home. Don't fill the space too full

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