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With the development trend of mechanization, scale and modernization of agricultural production, agricultural machinery has played an increasingly important role in promoting agricultural development. At the same time, agricultural machinery has not only become a tool of agricultural production, but also an important way for machine operators to increase their income in busy farming seasons. However, due to the particularity of the structure and design of agricultural machinery, most gears, belts and blades are exposed, resulting in more safety risk factors during the operation of agricultural machinery. In recent years, reports of agricultural machinery accidents are common throughout the country, and the lives and property of agricultural machinery operators are seriously threatened. It is urgent to implement the agricultural machinery insurance policy. As a long-term worker in the front line of agricultural machinery supervision, the author analyzes the current situation of the implementation of agricultural machinery insurance in Lixin County, and puts forward his own views on the future development

Lixin County, located in the northwest of Anhui Province and under the jurisdiction of Bozhou City, is a large agricultural machinery county. The total power of agricultural machinery in the county is 1.9 million KW, there are 200 professional agricultural machinery cooperatives, 7000 large and medium-sized tractors, 6200 combine harvesters, more than 120000 agricultural machinery employees, and the comprehensive mechanization level of agriculture in the county has reached more than 98%. In 2014, it was rated as the provincial "safe agricultural machinery" Demonstration County, and in 2015, it was rated as the national "safe agricultural machinery" demonstration county

in recent years, the socialized service system of agricultural machinery in Lixin County has been basically sound, and the use efficiency of agricultural machinery has been continuously improved. Agricultural machinery operators have achieved income growth and prosperity through agricultural machinery operation services and cross regional operations, making positive contributions to agricultural production and farmers' income growth. However, with the increase of agricultural machinery and the development of cross regional operation, the safety problem of agricultural machinery has become increasingly prominent, and personal injury and property loss accidents have occurred from time to time. In view of the severe challenges faced by the safe production of agricultural machinery, the unwillingness of insurance companies to underwrite insurance, and the euphemistic refusal of insurance, the Agricultural Machinery Department of Lixin County actively reported to the government, tried every means to handle all kinds of agricultural machinery insurance for the machine operators, tried every means to implement the local financial subsidy funds, opened up the situation of agricultural machinery insurance, effectively safeguarded the interests of farmers, and ensured that the tractors and combine harvesters on the road were insured against compulsory insurance, It has effectively promoted the development of agricultural machinery safety management in the county, and has been highly praised by the majority of agricultural machinery operators, superior business management departments and insurance supervision departments

current situation and practice of characteristic agricultural machinery insurance

since 2014, the interest rate agricultural machinery supervision station and Guoyuan insurance company have continuously innovated the underwriting scheme of characteristic agricultural machinery insurance, improved the participation rate of characteristic agricultural machinery insurance, and improved the risk guarantee mechanism of the agricultural machinery industry in the county. Over the past three years, 6000 tractors and combine harvesters in the county have been insured with compulsory insurance, with an annual coverage rate of 95%; The accumulated premium of various special agricultural machinery insurance reached 2.1 million yuan, the county's machinery operators shared 700000 yuan of government financial subsidies, and received 650000 yuan of special agricultural machinery insurance claims, effectively avoiding the poverty caused by the machinery operators' compensation for agricultural machinery accidents, and bringing considerable benefits to the machinery operators. This has opened a new chapter in the work of agricultural machinery insurance in Lixin County, and has initially formed a model of agricultural machinery insurance that is supported by the government, benefited by agricultural machinery operators and profitable for underwriting companies

the Agricultural Machinery Department of Lixin County will focus on the following four tasks: first, strive for the attention of leaders, and strive to place agricultural machinery insurance in an important position in agricultural and rural work. In accordance with the spirit of the opinions on promoting the sound and rapid development of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry issued by the State Council in 2011, the county agricultural insurance leading group office formulated and issued the implementation plan for the work of special agricultural machinery insurance in Lixin County, and the county financial budget listed 300000 yuan to cover the transportation compulsory insurance for large tractors engaged in agricultural production, the transportation compulsory insurance for on-board personnel, the transportation compulsory insurance for combine harvesters, and the transportation compulsory insurance for on-board personnel The third party insurance and other two agricultural machinery insurance schemes are included in the scope of financial subsidies, and the county finance will give 30% premium subsidies. According to the measures for the implementation of agricultural policy based insurance management, the insurance is uniformly underwritten by Guoyuan agricultural insurance company, so as to realize the law of large numbers in the insurance industry and mitigate risks. In the actual operation, Guoyuan company implements the method of differential insurance for agricultural machinery, audit and check by the agricultural machinery supervision department, and regular and immediate settlement with the financial department by the insurance company, so as to facilitate the handling of agricultural machinery as much as possible. The second is to break through difficulties and make overall arrangements for characteristic agricultural machinery insurance and agricultural insurance. With the high attention of the leaders of the County Finance Bureau, the agricultural machinery department and the insurance company have made clear the work steps, work requirements and work measures for the specific operation of agricultural machinery insurance, established a cooperation mechanism, established a standing book, dredged the channels for insurance handling and claim information exchange, and made the agricultural machinery insurance work in the whole county stable and orderly. Third, closely cooperate with each other and constantly innovate the working measures of characteristic agricultural machinery insurance. The most important thing for agricultural machinery insurance to truly benefit farmers is to do a good job in accident rescue and loss settlement. Only in this way can we truly reflect the policy effect of agricultural machinery insurance to benefit farmers and effectively promote the safe production of agricultural machinery. For this reason, the agricultural machinery supervision department has set up a special leading group for the emergency rescue and claim compensation of agricultural machinery accidents and formulated a specific implementation plan. Relying on two agricultural machinery supervision working groups, the agricultural machinery supervision department is responsible for the production and operation of agricultural machinery in all villages and towns of the county at any time. The accident rescue is rapid and timely, and the loss determination and claim settlement are coordinated in place. Fourth, extensive publicity has been carried out to improve the understanding of machine operators on agricultural machinery insurance, strengthen the awareness of risk prevention of agricultural machinery safety, and further promote the work of agricultural machinery insurance in the county. Under the new work framework, the county agricultural insurance work leading group, the agricultural machinery department and the insurance company have established and improved the underwriting and claim settlement service network to jointly provide convenient and high-quality services for the underwriting, contract signing, investigation of insurance related accidents and accident claim settlement of robot operators, and do a good job in publicity and launching. We have made full use of radio, television, newspapers and other media, as well as billboards, brochures, slogans, Ping'an agricultural machinery communication, etc. to carry out targeted point, line, and all-round publicity. Through multi-level and multi-channel publicity and launching, a strong insurance atmosphere has been created, so that the majority of machine operators have taken the initiative to insure, creating a good public opinion atmosphere for the smooth development of agricultural machinery insurance

at present, the positive effect of agricultural machinery insurance in Lixin County is gradually reflected. The implementation of financial subsidies for agricultural machinery insurance has greatly reduced the burden of farmers' machinery and improved the level of agricultural machinery safety production. Under the guidance of financial subsidies, the enthusiasm of the vast number of agricultural machinery households to purchase insurance has been gradually increased. The problems of low license, certificate and examination rate of agricultural machinery restricted by insurance and difficult management have been improved to a certain extent, which has promoted the development of license management of agricultural machinery and steadily increased the "three rates" of agricultural machinery. The timely settlement of claims has improved the ability of agricultural machinery operators to quickly resume production after agricultural machinery accidents, effectively reduced the problem of farmers returning to poverty due to accidents, and enhanced the ability of farmers' machinery operators to deal with accident risks

problems in the work of characteristic agricultural machinery insurance

the design of agricultural machinery insurance scheme should be closer to the requirements of agricultural machinery operators. Taking Lixin County as an example, due to the high vehicle damage insurance cost of tractors and combine harvesters, the agricultural machinery supervision and insurance departments had to abandon it despite the requirements of agricultural machinery operators and in consideration of the bearing capacity of agricultural machinery operators and the limitations of subsidy funds. In recent years' wheat field fire accidents, a farmer's new machines and tools purchased by more than 100000 yuan lost a lot in scrapping, which is regrettable but helpless

the premium of the personnel insurance on the combine harvester is high, the insured amount is low, and the manipulator has great resistance. In recent years, the combine harvester has been covered with onboard personnel insurance, which costs 360 yuan for 55000 yuan. In recent years, the county's high-performance crawler type combine harvesters have grown rapidly. They are generally loaded by trucks, do not run on the road, have high safety performance, low accident rate and short operation time. Therefore, compared with the tractor compulsory insurance, the insurance premium is relatively high. Although there is a financial subsidy of 30%, the enthusiasm of the combine harvester operators is not high

it is imperative to unify the policies of the whole province. The safety management of agricultural machinery for farmland operation is the responsibility of the agricultural machinery department. Improving its acceptance rate, certificate holding rate and annual inspection rate is also a strict requirement of the superior departments. The implementation of the insurance subsidy policy for agricultural machinery for farmland operation is also a national policy guide. It is imperative to formulate a unified agricultural machinery license management policy and insurance subsidy policy. After the agricultural machinery is insured, it can provide guarantee for the safe production of agricultural machinery, make the agricultural machinery accidents properly handled in time, and ensure the implementation of safety management, safety publicity and accident statistics measures, which is conducive to the stability of rural society

suggestions and countermeasures. These "three self-confidence" need our support for the identification of core values

all provinces should clarify the insurance methods for combine harvesters. The first is to clarify the types of insurance. The combine harvester is powered and also walks on the road, so it should be insured according to the traffic compulsory insurance. This can reduce the premium, increase the insured amount, increase the farmers' security level, and reduce the farmers' premium expenditure; Second, since it is insured as compulsory traffic insurance, it is necessary to stipulate that the combine harvester must be insured, rather than "encouraging and mobilizing the manipulator to participate in the insurance". The third is to clarify the way of insurance. When handling the annual inspection procedures for the combine harvester, the insurance procedures shall be handled at the same time; Fourth, it is necessary to make clear that the following is the supervision method for one small method of maintenance. The combine must first show the insurance policy before receiving the cross region operation certificate, otherwise the cross region operation certificate will not be issued. At the same time, road inspection shall be strengthened, and the inspection of insurance policy, driver's license, driving license and cross regional operation license shall be regarded as the necessary conditions. Those without insurance policy shall be punished according to the provisions of the road traffic law. And appropriately increase the proportion of financial policy insurance subsidies for agricultural machinery

reasonably set the premium rate of agricultural machinery. The amount of premium for compulsory traffic insurance and vehicle damage insurance for agricultural machinery shall be related to the frequency, time period and accident rate of the use of agricultural machinery, and the frequency, accident rate and rate shall be in direct proportion. For example, the workplace of combine harvester also determines that its accident rate is much lower than that of tractor, so its vehicle damage insurance premium should be reduced accordingly

financial subsidies must be paid in advance. The long-term work practice shows that the insurance company's practice of issuing a bill at the sight of the premium, paying the full amount first and then refunding the half amount has restricted the improvement of the insurance coverage rate, especially in the case of high premium standards, the opinions of the machine operators are great. Therefore, we should strive to make the financial subsidy funds available in advance, so that the robot operators can pay the remaining fees after the financial subsidy, which is conducive to the enthusiasm of the agricultural robot operators to participate in the insurance and provide better services for the robot operators

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