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The 2008 Schneider Electric weak current system integrator conference was successfully held in Beijing, China. On June 13, 2008, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, held its 2008 Schneider Electric weak current system integrator conference in Qingdao. Hundreds of guests came to the conference to discuss energy-saving and efficiency enhancing solutions in the field of building weak current. Duhuajun, President of Schneider Electric China, attended the conference and gave an important speech

in the weak current market, Schneider Electric can provide structured generic cabling system, intelligent lighting system, building automation system and its integration, security system and other products and services. In addition, as a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric can provide energy-saving solutions for industry, civil housing and the tertiary industry, including the building weak current market, with an average energy-saving rate of 30%

the weak current system integrator serves the weak current market with its professional technology and management ability. 3) select the next step in the installation readiness window; Has made great contributions to the prosperity and development of modern instruments, especially the instruments with high precision. For a long time, Schneider Electric has attached great importance to the cooperation and long-term development with weak current system integrators. Common progress with partners has become the business philosophy that Schneider Electric has always implemented

panqizhong, director of Schneider Electric Intelligent Terminal department, said that all buffers of the carriage must be replaced: "In 2007, China became the group's second largest market in the world. Schneider Electric's 20 years of business in China are also 20 years of active cooperation between us and local partners. Weak current system integrators play an important role in the building weak current market. I hope our products and solutions can help them make full use of their effects and enjoy their capabilities!"

2008, Schneider Electric will continue to integrate its brands, simplify product selection, and cover the whole line of products with its flagship brand "Schneider Electric", providing stronger confidence guarantee for users and system integrators

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