A bottle cap locking device for packaging bottle

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A bottle cap locking device for packaging bottles

the utility model discloses a conventional detection device for bottle cap locking of packaging bottles: ring stiffness test, ring flexibility test and creep ratio test, which aims to provide a packaging bottle cap locking device with more accurate bottle measurement results, reliable cap locking, and the opening side of the cap after tightening can face the publicity mark of the bottle body, disturbing the market order; The technical scheme adopted by the utility model is: the bottle body is screwed and connected with the bottle cap at the outlet end through mutually matched threads, the joint of the bottle body and the bottle cap is provided with mutually matched bosses and clamping positions to lock the bottle cap, the clamping positions are located between the two wedges at the bottom of the threaded joint at the outlet end, the two wedges are raised at right angles to the corresponding inner side, and the outer side is gradually smooth to integrate with the bottom of the threaded surface, The boss is located on the joint end face of the bottle cap and the outlet end, and its shape and position are matched with the clamping position. The boss on the bottle cap is arranged at an appropriate position so that the opening side of the bottle cap can face the product publicity mark on the bottle body after the bottle cap is locked; The utility model can be widely applied to the design of packaging bottles for cosmetics or other products

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